Wine List

Strawberry Lodge is located in El Dorado County, which reaches from the outskirts of the Sacramento Valley to the border of Nevada. It is a county that encompasses a widely varied terrain, including the El Dorado National Forest as well as the rich grape growing foothill regions around Placerville. The El Dorado Appalachian is characterized by these variations in elevation, topography and soil type. This rich diversity means that a wide variety of grapes can thrive here.

We have chosen to showcase those wines grown here locally in our unique wine cellar.

Please feel free to step up to the wine cellar and select the wine of your choice. Bring it to your table and your waiter or waitress will be happy to open and serve it for you.

If you prefer a wine by the glass we serve the following El Dorado County wines:

House Red Wine: Hangtown Red Boeger Winery $6.00 per class
House White Wine: Chardonnay Sierra Vista Winery $6.00 per glass
House Blush: White Zinfandel Berringer (non El Dorado Wine) $6.00 per glass

If you can't find a wine of your liking, you are more than welcome to bring in your own wine and allow us to cork it for you.
Corkage Fee $8.00 per bottle

From the Pub

Strawberry Lodge boasts a historic bar serving all your favorite cocktails as well as a wide selection of domestic and premium micro brew beers bottled and on draft.

Please ask your server for your favorite selection

Domestics: $4.00 per bottle
Premium Micro Brews: $4.00 per bottle
Micro Brews on Tap: $5.00 per glass
Murphy's Irish Stout on Tap: $5.00 per glass

Winery Type of Wine Price per bottle
Perry Creek Winery Chardonnay $16.00
  "Zinman" Zinfandel $16.00
  Altitude 2401 Zinfandel $28.00
  Altitude 2401 Petite Sirah $30.00
Boeger Winery Chardonnay $20.00
  Barbera $20.00
  Hangtown Red $15.00
  Merlot $20.00
  Cabernet Franc $16.00
  Migliore $25.00
Sierra Vista Winery Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00
  Chardonnay $15.00
  Fumé Blanc $15.00
  Lynelle $19.00
  Syrah $20.00
  Zinfandel $17.00
Madroña Vineyards Riesling $17.00
  Zinfandel $22.00
  Merlot $22.00
  Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00