Pony Express

Along the banks of the cascading American River on Highway 50, this historic lodge was once a stop for the Pony Express ... In the Old West, hardened men and women claimed America's frontier -- rugged individualists surviving as best they could, wearing civility as a thin veil covered with dirt, grief, and disappointment, thought never short of hope.   And why did they come? Riches and a new life of wealth and luxury just over that thar hill. It was fever. Not too different from the burning fever thousands of fortune hunters have today ... speeding past Strawberry faster than a Hank Monk stage to roll their luck out across the crap tables of Nevada.

America's forefathers and mothers, hard working people whose optimism reached the stars, created tales worth telling. This brief history is a personal album of toil and half-truths, of family treasures emanating from one of California's most famous spots.